A product offered for pre-order is not yet in stock. Therefore, it is not immediately available for shipment. By pre-ordering, you are making a reservation on a product that is usually made in limited quantities and you are guaranteed the product when it physically comes out.

Please note that production delays are very common, the availability dates shown are not guaranteed. Please read all conditions before placing a pre-order.

Please do not pre-order if these conditions do not suit you, many customers ask to pre-order in order not to miss out on a limited product, if you are not ready to wait for it to be received according to our conditions, please wait for a possible stock availability to order it.


When you place a pre-order you have the option to pay the full amount or pay a deposit.

If you make the payment using the deposit this is always equivalent to 20% of the final amount, you can only use your credit card to pay the deposit and the balance, in case of cancellation the deposit will not be refunded.

If you choose to pay the full amount of your pre-order before it is in stock, you will be charged with the payment method you prefer (Bank Transfer, Credit Card or PayPal).

Since it can take a long time between the order and the delivery you can request the change of address only by email by writing to, we will update the data of your order.


The products we offer are generally collectibles made in very limited quantities. This limitation, which is characterized for some products by a unique numbering, is determined by the request submitted during the pre-order period to manufacturers and/or distributors. In order to ensure the validity of your commitment, a deposit is required. This is a firm commitment on both sides. Consequently, the obligation to purchase for the consumer and the obligation to supply the goods for the seller. There is no possibility of cancellation and the consumer can be ordered to pay damages in the event of cancellation. The seller himself cannot change his mind, not even by refunding the deposit to the consumer.

If you do not agree with this firm commitment, please do not pre-order. If the entire production run of a product is not pre-ordered before it is available in the marketplace, you will be able to purchase it in stock.

For all pre-orders, a 20% payment is required to validate your pre-order.

This deposit paid will of course be deducted from your total when you receive the balance to be paid for your preorder arrived in stock.

Should you decide to cancel a pre-order with a deposit, this cancellation means without exception the loss of this deposit.

Your pre-orders are, for our part, validated with distributors, and or manufacturers, for which generally a larger deposit is billed to us. In order to maintain our good business relations, it is generally not possible for us to cancel the order with them. This deposit covers, among other things, administration fees, commissions on payments received, storage fees, etc.


When the product has arrived you will receive an email from us informing you of the imminent shipment, you will also be notified of the charge date for the remaining portion of the order.

If there are any problems you have 7 days to make the payment, if the payment is still missing your preorder will be automatically canceled and the deposit will be lost.

If you need more time to make the payment, you can request it from our support before the automatic cancellation date indicated in the email. Our support may exceptionally grant you additional time that will extend the cancellation date. These requests will remain exceptional, you understand that generally these products are on our side paid to manufacturers for several weeks or even months.


it is possible to place an order containing pre-order and in-stock products.

Only one shipment is made for each order, in case the products are already in stock they will be set aside so as to ensure availability when the pre-order products arrive.

If you wish to receive immediately the products available you can make two separate orders or request a dedicated shipment (for a fee) directly to our customer service.

Under no circumstances is it possible to request a refund for a product already in stock if the pre-order product is not available for shipment.


The estimated date of arrival in stock of a pre-order is presented as an indication and communicated by the manufacturer / distributor, ABGame can not be held responsible for any delays on the announced dates.

Production delays are very common, please take this into account before placing your pre-order.

When we receive a new date, we will update it on the preorder, this date is visible in the product tab.


This situation is very rare but it does happen that a preorder is cancelled, the most common reasons are:

- We received your preorder but it arrived with defects, broken, etc and there is no more stock available for exchange with the distributor or manufacturer.

- We have not received all the quantities confirmed by the distributor or manufacturer, in case the stock delivered is not enough to honor all the preorders received, we will first reduce the quantities to one piece on behalf of the customer, if this is still not enough we will assign the quantities in chronological order of the orders received.

- The production of the product is finally cancelled by the manufacturer.

If the cancellation is confirmed, you will receive an email from our team to inform you.

Under no circumstances can be held responsible.

If a deposit was required to validate this cancelled pre-order, it will of course be refunded in full.

If you have made an advance payment for this pre-order, the full amount received will of course be refunded.


To cancel a pre-order you have made, send a communication to This operation is irreversible, in case a deposit is related to this pre-order this deposit is lost (see also the section Deposits).

If you paid the full amount of the preorder the amount will be refunded minus the legal deposit (20% of the order total).

It happens that a small number of preorders suffer very significant delays in their production on the dates initially planned by the manufacturers, in this case we can consider the return of your deposit. The delay must be at least 6 months longer than the date communicated to you at the time of your order.


A pre-order product that is no longer available for order means that all quantities we will receive from the manufacturer/distributor are reserved and that it is no longer possible to increase these quantities. Due to cancellations or other factors it is possible that the product will be available for pre-order again in the short term or available in stock but it is impossible for us to predict this opportunity in advance. We recommend that you subscribe to the mail alert, if the item is available again you will automatically receive an email.

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